The Little Owl was introduced to the UK in the 19th century, these Owls are active during the daylight making it a perfect candidate to photograph, these shots were taken on a very cold day in  December.

This sequence of shots shows a Short Eared Owl in its natural habitat, this Owl kept its distance but I think this just adds to the charm of this habitat set. 

3. Short eared Owl

A shot that I had been waiting to get for some time, a perched Short eared Owl 

A very rare close encounter with a stunning and beautiful rural Fox (vixen) whilst out and about in South Wales.

I made a couple of trips to photograph Red Deer during the month of October, one at the start and a second at the end of the month, this post finishes with a couple of young Stags play fighting, the intensity in their eyes though is far from playful, an insight to what lays ahead. 

A day out at my local RSPB reserve photographing the local birds found in the forest.

A day spent at Lancashire's Wildlife and Wetlands Trust - Martin Mere.

An early morning drive to the North East coast of England, my destination was the Farn Islands in Northumberland.

When it comes to having a soft spot for a particular bird then for me it has to be the gardeners friend “the Robin” this little bird caught my attention during a recent visit to Pennington Flash, a very beautiful juvenile Robin.

12th July 2014

Two small birds that adorn our UK Lakes and Rivers, Little Grebe and Dipper  (3 Images)

20th June 2014

A day spent watching this beautiful Barn Owl hunt for voles  (3 Images)

20th June 2014

Getting up close and personal with a Kingfisher  (5 Images)

1st June 2014

A cold Winters day warmed instantly with the presence of a Barn Owl  (6 Images)

2nd May 2014

Teal, Wigeon and Shoveler taking to the ice on a cold Winters day  (5 Images)

27th April 2014

A close encounter with a Barn Owl  (3 images)

24th April 2014

A day spent photographing Red Kites at Gigrin Farm in Mid Wales

8th April 2014

A cold and dull day in December waiting for the Little Owl  (6 Images)

14th June 2017

A close encounter with a beautiful Rural Fox  (13 Images)

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