22nd February 2020

Red deer stag having a rest in the Autumn sun  (2 images)

19th February 2020

Shovelers in beautiful golden light  (2 images)

18th February 2020

These young Stags were practicing their dueling skills (19 images) 

12th February 2020

A visit to Finland back in March 2015 (14 images) 

9th February 2020 

A Barn Owl quartering a field hunting voles  (3 images) 

30th January 2020

The beautiful Tufted duck (8 images)   

20th June 2015

A few birds that adorn our Lakes and Rivers  (3 images)

25th June 2015

An early morning Barn Owl hunting voles  (3 images)

15th May 2014

A cold Winters day warmed by the presence of a Barn Owl.  (6 images)

1st June 2014

Getting up close and personal with a Kingfisher. (5 images)

27th April 2014

A close encounter with a Barn Owl. (3 images)

2nd May 2014

Teal, Wigeon and Shoveler taking to the ice on a cold Winters day . (5 images)

18th April 2014

A cold and dull day in December waiting for the Little Owl   (6 images)

24th April 2014

A day spent photographing Red Kites in Wales  (4 images)

11th April 2013

A close encounter with a beautiful Rural Fox  (13 images)

15th April 2014

A short eared Owl taking a short break  (2 images)

11th March 2013

A distant Short eared Owl on the hunt (6 images)

3rd November  2012

A long overdue trip to photograph Red Deer  (12 images)

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