Marco Pesaresi Wildlife Photography

22nd February 2020

This Stag was having a rest  (1 image)

19th February 2020

Shovelers in beautiful golden light  (2 images)

18th February 2020

These young Stags were practicing their dueling skills (19 images) 

12th February 2020

A look back to a visit to Finland in 2015 (16 images) 

9th February 2020 

A Barn Owl quartering a field hunting voles  (3 images) 

30th January 2020

The beautiful Tufted duck (8 images)   

20th June 2015

A few birds that adorn our Lakes and Rivers  (3 images)

25th June 2015

An early morning Barn Owl hunting voles  (3 images)

15th May 2014

A cold Winters day warmed by the presence of a Barn Owl.  (6 images)

1st June 2014

Getting up close and personal with a Kingfisher. (5 images)

27th April 2014

A close encounter with a Barn Owl. (3 images)

2nd May 2014

Teal, Wigeon and Shoveler taking to the ice on a cold Winters day . (5 images)

15th April 2014

A cold and dull day in December waiting for the Little Owl   (6 images)

24th April 2014

A day spent photographing Red Kites in Wales  (4 images)

11th March 2013

A close encounter with a beautiful Rural Fox  (13 images)

8th April 2014

A short eared Owl taking a short break  (2 images)

11th March 2013

A distant Short eared Owl on the hunt (6 images)

3rd November  2012

A long overdue trip to photograph Red Deer  (12 images)

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