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Hi, my name is Marco welcome to my Blog, I love nothing more than getting out with my camera and looking for Wildlife to photograph. For me there is nothing better than spending a silly amount of time away from the hustle and bustle of life and just totally relaxing whilst watching and studying how wild animals and birds interact and behave, of course its always a bonus to be able to capture an image as well but for me just being in that moment is unbeatable.

I’ve been photographing Wildlife since 2009, before this I was quite keen on Aviation Photography but I soon realised that whilst I was out photographing large mechanical metal birds I had a tendency of pointing my lens a lot more towards the feathered variety, this then snowballed and eventually I was constantly photographing the wildlife around me rather than aeroplanes and the rest is history, I did mix the two for some time but to be honest now days I do very little Aviation photography.

RAF Hawk - Canon 400mm - Canon 40D

All of my Wildlife photography on this site has been taken at various locations in and around the United Kingdom and I love nothing better than getting out and travelling the length and breath of the country in pursuit of seeing and photographing all sorts of Wildlife … I don’t think there is anywhere in the UK that I’ve not been to at so point over the past 7 years and what a beautiful country we have here, some of the places I’ve travelled to are simply breathtaking to say the least.

I’ve recently come back from a Scandinavian trip and experienced for the first time what its like taking large and heavy camera equipment as well as my laptop and a whole host of other assorted equipment overseas via air travel and its not as difficult as I thought it was going to be, so with this in mind I’m going to be planning lots of Scandinavian trips and of course travelling to places where the weather is a little more forgiving.

RAF Hawk - Canon 500mm - Canon 1D MkIV

There is so much to photograph around the world and the list of Wild birds and animals is simply endless, so my goals are to travel more with my camera taking both different and unusual photographs of the many amazing and wonderful wild animals that encompass the globe, but until my next adventure I can certainly settle for photographing the beautiful wildlife that can be found within the British Isles as we are very lucky here to have such a large and varied amount to photograph.

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) Canon 1D MkIV – 700mm
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Here is a dodgy photo of me taken on my mobile phone … I’m hopeless when it comes to photography with my mobile, hence the awful exposure (thank god I’m a little better with a proper camera!) I was heading out to Finland to photograph Great Grey Owls, this shot was taken during my stop over from my hotel in Helsinki Finland, I was then catching another flight the following morning to take me to my final destination which was close the Russian border in Finland.

Marco Pesaresi - Helsinki Finland 2015

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