My Camera Gear - MarcoPesaresi

Having the right gear is always an advantage and can assist in what you are trying to create and capture but its not essential, you can use any camera and lens combination to capture Wildlife and as a rule I would always advise investing more into your lens first as a quality lens will give you great results.

I could easily mount my Canon 500mm f4 L lens to my old Canon 1D Mk2 camera and still photograph fantastic images and that's a camera that was launched a very long time ago at the end of 2001, the only thing lacking with the older camera is the advancement of technology that can be found in cameras of later years.

New advancements in technology will give you greater assistance, newer technology will give you a greater chance in capturing that all important moment when the situation arises, this could be because the auto focus locks on quicker or tracks better or maybe its because noise is greatly reduced at higher ISO levels giving you opportunities to photograph when you normally would not these are all assists and they will greatly increase your chance of capturing that image you've been trying to get but with great light and skill you can still capture stunning images with any camera.

So invest in a quality lens first as this will long outlast your camera and when the situation arises you can upgrade your camera body (it does not have to be the latest model)  you can swap and change your camera as technology advances and of course your budget permits but a quality lens will still be the same one you've used for many years. 

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