These were taken at the end of March 2013,  I was really happy  to get these shots as this perch had been set up in a location where there were sightings of Barn and Short eared Owls.

Sightings were made on a few occasions of a Barn Owl landing on this perch but never the Short Eared, then on the 28th March  the first sighting of a Short eared Owl was reported landing on this perch,  I tried my luck the following day and a friend of mine said I had just  missed the Owl land on this perch and that he had photographed it. I could not make it there on the 30th due to work and had to wait till the following day, I made a decision to stay rooted to the spot at the location where this perch was, my persistence was finally rewarded  as towards the end of the day just as the sun was going down this beautiful Owl showed up and decided to have a rest on said perch.

This perch was quite some distance away so these are a heavy crop but I was really pleased to finally  get my first perched shorties that were much larger than a small dot.

Short eared Owl (Asio flammeus) Canon 1D MkIV – 700mm
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Short eared Owl (Asio flammeus) Canon 1D MkIV – 700mm
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