I’ve been using my Stormblocker jacket in Olive Green for some time now and its an essential piece of my outdoor kit, the fit is really good and keeping the wind out is important to staying warm and this fleece certainly does that but above all its never let me down in both freezing cold conditions and milder days too, I can highly recommended this jacket.

The first thing you will notice about this jacket is the quality, its thick warm and looks like it will last for years (well I hope it does) and above all it looks fantastic which can only be a bonus besides its practicality.

The outer layer is a functional wool blend with lambskin-like finish while the inside is soft brushed wool. This makes the jacket just as suitable as a warm middle layer in the winter as by itself on milder days when you need something to keep the wind out. G-1000 reinforcements on the shoulders minimise friction when wearing a backpack. The front opening has a two-way zipper and the high collar protects against cold winds. The collar has a protective flap in fleece between the zipper and your chin.

Many people pull on a waterproof, “technical” shell jacket without thinking. But people who have gone trekking  in a taped, laminated garment have often discovered that it is too waterproof. The membrane cannot release the moisture your body creates when you are on the move and, as a result, you get sweaty. This is why experienced outdoor enthusiasts have for decades instead chosen garments made from G-1000 as they provide protection from both the wind and light rainfalls while at the same time releasing built-up moisture better, so you do not get wet from your own sweat.   Compared to a membrane garment, G-1000 is also much more durable. It can withstand nature’s sharper edges and even sparks from a fire. In the summer, G-1000 is always excellent choice, except on those occasional days when the rain just will not let up. On these days you will need to pull on an ultra-light rain garment for reinforcement. In the winter, G-1000 provides dependable protection from snow and hard winds, and its breath ability decreases the risk that you will become chilled from wet underclothes. An added bonus is that it is light and comfortable to wear.


I've used this jacket now for many years, its warm, practical and very hard wearing, after many years of being outdoors this garment still looks like new which is fantastic, If there was only one negative thing to say then it would be the price as this garment is quite expensive, but I can certainly say its money well spent,  I would highly recommend the Barents Storm blocker Jacket.

Features: two spacious, zippered hand pockets with G-1000 at the openings, zipper pullers in vegetable-tanned leather. With G-1000 you will be prepared for adventures in all climates, from the tropics to the polar caps. It can withstand many years of tough use far from the beaten path. The fact that G-1000 is adaptable makes it arguably one of the best outdoor fabrics on the market.

Score = Looks 5/5 - Durability 5/5 - Practicality 4/5 - Cost 3/5



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